We facilitate both primary and secondary research to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Additionally, CCHT offers research, assessment, and data management services. This includes micro-level assessments and evaluations with individual victims/survivors as well as mezzo and macro-level evaluations of your program/agency/organization/community regarding efficacy of its anti-trafficking response.

Designed and validated by the Founding Executive Director of CCHT, Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm, and the CCHT colleagues and partners Dr. Brien Bolin, Dr. Tara Gregory, Dr. Anthony DiLollo, Bailey Patton Brackin, and Allison Farres, CCHT offers some of the only validated and quantifiable human trafficking tools to date. Specific tools used for research include:

  • Anti-Trafficking Organizational/Community Response AssessmentTM (AT-O/CRATM)
  • Human Trafficking Definition and Identification ToolTM (HT-DITTM)
  • Domestic Sex Trafficking Risk and Resiliency AssessmentTM (DST-RRATM)
  • Victim-Centered Survivor-Led Life Planning Tool: Progress Toward Prosperity MatrixTM (VCSL-LPT: PTPMTM)
  • VCSL-LPT: Goals Beliefs ChangeTM (VCSL-LPT: GBCTM)

Through the use of these tools, CCHT can assist your organization/agency in:

  1. Identifying strengths in anti-trafficking efforts as well as areas that may need improvement.
  2. Measuring areas of development in anti-trafficking efforts.
  3. Identifying those at-risk of or subjugated to human trafficking in a manner that guides individual practice interventions.
  4. Developing services that respond to the issues and holistic needs of those at-risk of or subjugated to DMST.
  5. Recognizing and applying the strengths and resilience factors of those who are at risk of or subjugated to human trafficking.
  6. Evaluating efficacy of service delivery to victims/survivors of human trafficking.

For a more information on our research, please contact us.