What We Do

Our Vision at Wichita State University, Center for Combating Human Trafficking (CCHT) is that all communities around the globe will be empowered and equipped to effectively prevent and intervene in cases of abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Image: Lotus Anti Trafficking Model

One of the only evidence-informed approaches for serving victims and survivors of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, CCHT achieves its mission through 6 methods:”

  1. Direct-Service
  2. Education
  3. Training
  4. Technical Assistance/Consultation
  5. Research
  6. Public Policy Development

At CCHT, our focus goes beyond rescuing victims to directly address the underlying issues that create a context in which human trafficking can occur.

We believe in a strategy that targets the complex issue of human trafficking on multiple fronts. With the goal of effectively preventing, assessing, identifying, evaluating, and intervening in cases of human trafficking, as well as, assisting in the long-term integration and prosperity of survivors.

To find out more about what CCHT does and how to contract with us, please contact us