What We Do

At CCHT, our focus goes beyond rescuing victims to directly address the underlying issues that create a context in which human trafficking can occur. Through a holistic approach, we work tirelessly to empower the nation’s capacity to provide effective prevention, assessment, identification, intervention, restoration and aftercare responses in the hopes of one day putting an end to abuse and exploitation.

CCHT believes in a strategy that targets the complex issue of human trafficking on multiple fronts. With the goal of effectively preventing, assessing, identifying, evaluating, and intervening in cases of human trafficking, as well as, assisting in the long-term integration and prosperity of survivors, CCHT:

  1. Provides direct service facilitation through the implementation of the Lotus Victim to VitalityTM Model, Lotus Prevention to ProsperityTM Program, and Men’s Demand ReductionTM Groups.
  2. Educates students across disciplines through cross-listed, for-credit courses. This includes courses that address human trafficking prevention as well as intervention (i.e. human sexuality, human trafficking, cultural competency, trauma-informed care, counseling, play therapy, etc.).
  3. Provides awareness and training to build local, national, and international capacity to serve those subjugated and at risk for human trafficking.
  4. Consults and provides technical assistance to community, State, and Federal agencies/organizations (with focus on the process of identification, assessment, intervention, and evaluation).
  5. Distributes both primary and secondary research to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible.
  6. Ensures policies to address human trafficking at all levels are thorough and strong.